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Vending machines can help increase employee productivity and moral in your place of business or break room. At Oregon Vending Machines we have been providing free vending services for business's in the Medford area for over 10 years. Our vending machine service is free of cost to you and your employer and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Our services can provide your location with snack, soda, cold food, frozen food, coffee & combo vending machines. We take pride in providing our locations with drinks and snacks they actually want and welcome any and all request for certain types and brands of products. Our company is not associated with Coke or Pepsi and can sell both products out of one machine. Our vending machines can provide you with a cashless purchase option. Cashless vending is simple and easy for the customer as it allows them to buy anything out of the vending machines with all major debit and credit cards at the same price as cash. Our credit card readers are wireless and don’t require a phone or ethernet connection to work only a cell phone signal. All our vending machines also have remote monitoring devices which allow us to monitor the inventory in the machines and view break downs remotely from our location. This allows us to show up to fix the machine or fill it before its empty or has been down for a significant amount of time. Our vending machines also have guaranteed vend systems on them such as ivend or surevend. These systems have a laser beam through the product delivery bin. If the purchased item does not break that laser beam the machine is smart and will spin again to drop the product or give a refund or credit if the machine spins twice and product is still not delivered. This reduces customer frustration and un-needed service calls for refunds and repairs. We also have many Healthy vending programs and can customize a healthy vending solution for your school, hospital, university or campus even factory or break room.
If traditional vending is not something that interest you or your company then we can provide your break room with a Micro Market un-manned kiosk. Like in the picture above we transform your break room into a small convenience store allowing employees to pick up and buy items through a self check out kiosk. Our custom micro market solution will provide everything needed including freezers, coolers, shelves, baskets, attractive signage, microwaves, & the kiosk. The self check out kiosk will allow employees to use cash, credit cards, company expense accounts, and even pay check with drawls. The single largest benefit of a micro market is that employees now have access to thing that just cant be sold out of traditional vending machines. These items include fresh baked goods, cold foods, frozen foods, pre-cooked meals and more.

Vending Machine Repairs Medford Oregon

If you vending machine is broken and in need of repair please call our number or submit the email form below and we will send a technician out same day to take a look. Our low flat hourly rate plus parts will ensure your machines are kept up and running and making you money.

Vending Machine Sales Medford Oregon

If you are in the market to buy a new, used or refurbished vending machine we have 100's of machines in our inventory ready to help you service your account. We have been repairing and refurbishing vending machines for 15 years and can help guide you in the right direction. We sell all major manufactures of vending machines including but not limited to Crane National, GPL, USI, AMS, Automatic Products Golden eye, Vendo bubble front machines, Royal Vendors soda machines, Dixie narco and more. We also sell new, used & refurbished refrigerated restaurant equipment please call or submit the form below for current inventory. Our services cover a wide area including the following cities Jacksonville, Centeral point, Phoenix, Talent, White City, Eagle Point and all of Jackson County.


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