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Looking for a vending company in the State of Oregon to provide your business or place of employment with fresh and refreshing snacks and beverages? We have been providing locations like hospitals, schools, colleges, Universities, car dealerships, car washes and factories vending services for over 15 years. With our years of experience we can help you come up with a custom vending program that will fit your needs large or small. Our vending machines all have the latest in vending technology to make your experience as easy and reliable as possible. All our machines have ivend or surevend technology on them assuring product is delivered or a refund is automatically given. No more getting your money taken and having to wait to be rembursed the machine will assure your purchase is delivered. All our vending machines are mdb which allow us to add credit card readers and remote monitoring devices. Credit card readers allow our customers to make purchases with all major debit and credit cards at the same price as cash. Our remote monitoring devices allow us to see remotely if the machine is broken and will allow us to track inventory to show up to fill it before its empty. At select accounts we can even add bill recyclers which will break large bills like $10's & $20's giving change in paper $1's & $5's. We are not associated with either Pepsi or Coke which allow us to sell any and all products out of one machine. Our service has no contracts and cost you or your employer nothing every month.
If traditional vending just doesnt fit your needs because of selection or volume we can install a micro market self check out kiosk in your break room. A micro market is an un-manned self check out kiosk that allows our customers to buy any items they want by checking themselves out through a kiosk. Our micro market service comes with every thing needed to transform your break room into a full blown c-store or small grocery store. We will provide security cameras, coolers, freezers, shelving, stylish signage, microwaves and everything else needed. A micro market allows us to sell things that just cant be sold out of a traditional vending machine. These items include fresh fruit, pre packaged meals, string cheese and other great products. Please feel free to call us or to send us an email with the contact form below for more information on any of our services.

Vending MachineRepairs

Owning your own vending machine can mean that you need to maintain it to have it continue making money for your. We have been repairing vending machines for years and can fix almost any vending machine back to factory specs quickly and affordably. Our factory certified technitions can repair all the major manufacturers of vending equipment including but not limited to USI, AMS, Vendo, Royal, Dixie Narco, Crane National, GPL, Automatic Products. We can come to your location diagnose your problem and have your machine making you money in no time. We can repair broken bill validators and coin mechanism same day with easy advanced exchange. We also have a commercial refrigeration license and can repair your cooling unit with an easy affordable repair option. Please fill out the form below and be sure to include the make and model of your vending machine, your location, what the problem is and be sure to have a way for us to get into your machine when our vending technition arrives on site.




We have been a pioneer in the Healthy Vending craze since before is a nation wide mandation in all schools grade through highschool. Our healhty vending service can provide your location with snacks that will make you feel good and keep you energized through out the day. We have many custom options for healthy vending like half healthy half classics to full healhty that include refrigerated and dry foods.




Service Areas

We serve the entire state of Oregon the only vending company in Oregon that does currently. If you have multiple locations across the state and would like the ease of one company managing all of them we can help. We can provide full vending machine service, office coffee service, bottled water service, kurieg K-cup service, Micromarket service, and Healthy vending service in any of the following areas. We are not limited to this list so please contact us and let us know if we can help you.



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